2022 Season Wrap-Up

First things first – Thank You. 

  • We repeated the multi-station approach for the new competitor orientation class this year.  This splits the class into small groups to limit Covid-19 exposure and to allow use of a more demonstration-based learning process.  Many thanks to the people that contributed to the execution of the class and the resulting successful outcome.
  • We averaged about 16 people on our setup crews; which, once again, was a fantastic level of support.  I can’t say enough about the quality of the work that goes into converting the stages from ideas to reality.
  • The number of people that stayed to help with post-match teardown was impressive and appreciated throughout the year.
  • Rich Alloway and Ron Rodgers provided much appreciated stage designs throughout the year.
  • Rich Alloway, with help from his wife Janice, stepped in as Match Director for the October match.  This allowed Deb and I to attend the PCC Nationals and to stretch the trip into a gulf coast camping trip that we really enjoyed.
  • And of course my wife Deb went above and beyond to make things happen throughout the year.

Accomplishments this season included.

  • We ran our full complement of 8 monthly matches and the new competitor orientation class this year.
  • We averaged 82 registrations per monthly match (down from 93).
  • We had 100 or more registrations at 2 monthly matches this year (same as 2021).
  • 61 new people signed-in to shoot or signed waivers to watch in 2022 (up from 56).

Here’s the trivia round-up from this season.

  • Total Registrations: 652 (down from 745)
  • Total Round Count: 879 (up from 864)
  • Total Rounds Fired: ~72,000 (down from ~80,500)
  • Just looking at USPSA member numbers, approximately 16 new USPSA members shot at EH in 2022 (up from 12).


  • 2022 saw a continued drop in the average monthly attendance, although this year’s drop of 12.5% was not a bad as the 22% drop in 2021.  I think the limited availability and increased cost of ammunition and reloading components are still the big players in this and caused a drop in the number of people shooting a second gun at our matches.
  • Although overall attendance was down, the influx of new people coming to EH appeared to be consistent or grow slightly in 2022.
  • I’ve noticed more shooters increasing their involvement in matches at all of the section clubs by helping with stage designs, match setup, match teardown, and range officer tasks.  Needless to say this is good for the sport and I hope that growth continues.

That’s my season wrap-up.  As always, please feel free to provide any constructive criticism of the job I’m doing or suggestions for improvement. I’ll see you in March.

Roger Elder, Match Director