New Competitors – Any competitor with no prior USPSA match experience must pass a Safety Check before registering for the match. See the Match Director (MD) as soon as possible.

Registration – Pre-registration through will be available beginning one week prior to the match. On-site registration opens at 8:15 AM on match day. Registration closes at 1:00 PM on match day. Everyone must have a signed East Huntingdon Sportsmen’s Association liability waiver form on file to compete or observe the match. A competitor may shoot the morning session and/or the afternoon session (stages will be the same). Only one gun may be used in each session. The morning session will start at 9:00 AM. Shooters arriving after the morning session has begun will not be squadded in the morning session. The afternoon session will start when the morning session is complete and as new squads form (approximately 12 PM).

Match Fees (all match fees will be collected on match day)

$20.00 First match

$10.00 Second match

$5.00 Third match

$5.00 Classifier only

$10.00 Juniors (under 18 on match day)

Match Discounts (subtracted from fee)

$20.00 New competitor (first USPSA match)

$20.00 Match setup crew

Scoring – EHPS uses Electronic scoring (Practiscore). Each squad will be assigned one scoring device. Register yourself on the scoring device assigned to the squad you will shoot with. Registration help will be provided if needed. If you have pre-registered, confirm that your registration information in the scoring device is correct. The competitor may join any squad. The squad size may be limited to improve match flow. The squad number defines the starting stage (squads 1, 11, 21 start at stage 1; squads 2, 12, 22 start at stage 2, etc.). Squads are formed at the Clubhouse (no walk-ins).

Match Conduct – The match will be conducted in accordance with the latest USPSA Handgun Competition Rules, as amended by official NROI rulings. The following additional information applies to Level I matches at East Huntingdon Township Sportsman’s Association. Match officials may not be NROI certified. The MD will perform the function of Range Master (RM) or a RM will be assigned. The senior Range Officer (RO) on each squad will perform the function of Chief Range Officer (CRO) for that squad. Duties will be shared in the squad. An RO and assistant RO (scorekeeper) will control each competitor during his/her course of fire. All competitors are expected to assist in restoration of targets when scoring has been completed. Any match disqualification will be reviewed by the RM. Upon completion of each session of the match, the electronic scoring device will be returned to the registration table.

Match Results: Results will typically be available on the following web sites three hours after match teardown has been completed.

USPSA website: The East Huntingdon club code is WPA07. Search for “ehpsa”.