Orientation Class Update

As mentioned in my last post, we’ve been working on a change to the orientation class format to make it more virus-safe. This is a general description of what we will be doing this year.

We will be dividing the class into 4 squads that will rotate through four stations. The squads will spend about 35 minutes at each station. At least one of the stations will be outside (more if the weather permits), so dress appropriately. Eye and ear protection will be required for the outside stations. As in the past, there will be no fees associated with the class.

When all stations have been completed (about noon) we will break for lunch (free). After lunch, you have the option of shooting two stages under typical match conditions. Less than 50 rounds of ammunition will be required to complete the stages.

Loaded firearms will not be permitted during the orientation class, except when shooting the stages in the afternoon.

Covid-19 – We will be following PA Health Department Controls during this orientation. Indoors, wear a mask and maintain a 6 foot social distance. Outdoors, wear a mask if you cannot consistently maintain a 6 foot social distance.

Advance reservations are not required, but it would help with planning if you send an e-mail to r_elder@verizon.net. You can (but are not required to) pre-register for the class using the Practiscore website, available at this link https://clubs.practiscore.com/ehpsa-uspsa-27-march-2021-orientation-class/register. If you’ve never used Practiscore you should read the Match Registration section in the Getting Started page of this website.