East Huntingdon Practical Shooters will be running the 2019 Go Fast, Don’t Suck Postal Match as our next Level 1 match on September 22. If you’re scratching your head and wondering what this is about, please read https://gofastdontsuck.net/ for some background on the Go Fast, Don’t Suck (GFDS) group. To further the story, the GFDS group created the 2019 Go Fast, Don’t Suck Postal Match and put it out there for other clubs to run. The stage setup details have been provided to allow the stages to be built at any club to match the original design. Through the magic of Practiscore (and the efforts of the GFDS group), the results from all of these matches are being combined into one set of results; thereby, allowing direct comparison of shooter performance from matches held across the country. The idea is to create a competition similar to a national match without the associated travel expenses. You can view the combined match results here https://clubs.practiscore.com/results/new/87888. At the time of this writing, there are 463 scores in the match results.

The scores from only two divisions (first attempt per division) will be included in the GFDS Postal match results. The match results will be sent for inclusion with the GFDS Postal match results, but they will also be posted in the normal fashion as an East Huntingdon match on both the Practiscore and the USPSA web sites. We will also be running a classifier stage and those results will be handled in the normal manner as EH match results.

Although it takes some of the fun out of it, EH will be offering an opt-out to anyone that wants to shoot the match but does not want to have their scores included with the GFDS Postal match results. You will have to opt-out prior to shooting the match (when you sign in on match day) and the results from all divisions you shoot in the match will be excluded.

Please don’t get confused about the match day, the LCSA and Clairton matches are this weekend, September 14 and 15. The EH match is next weekend, September 22.

You can pre-register for the EH match using the normal Practiscore process via this link. Pre-registration was opened early for this match so when you tire of reading this you can sign up and be done with it.